Who We Serve

Helping Your Business Become The Industry Leader

Who do we serve? We serve you and your customers. If your customers can’t find you online, you won’t we able to serve them. Our mission is to help your business become the industry leader by dominating its digital marketing space. Whether it be for home services, lawyers, healthcare business, small businesses, to large, we strive to make your business #1 by implementing our expertise and business solutions to your business. We’re already #1; it’s time to make your business #1 too!

Home Services

These days, when people are looking for home services, over 80% search online to find the services they need? When people do so, is your company found online? If your business isn’t found online or doesn’t have an attractive website that converts, you’re losing an insurmountable amount of business to your competitors. Partner with us to get that competitive advantage where your company is the one that customers find.

Home Services Digital Marketing
Small Business Digital Marketing

Small Businesses

We were once a small business. Some of us owned small businesses as well. So, we know how it is running one and that you have a lot to do. To grow, at some point you’ll need to delegate your tasks so that you can work on your business and not in it. Partner with us for your digital marketing needs, receptionist/call center services, and other business solutions that we provide.


Here, at Digital Online Presence, we understand the specific needs and regulations that come with running a franchise. From marketing, branding, and service consistency to online reputation management, we can handle it all. Have us take care of your franchise’s technology, digital marketing, customer service, and business solutions needs.

Digital Marketing For Franchises