The Google Ads Innovations In 2018 That Will Make Your Life Easier

The Google Ads Innovations In 2018 That Will Make Your Life Easier

Ever since Google search first appeared on the Internet landscape, it has been one of the most influential movers in the industry (and the world, for that matter). Through the years, it has always tried to make changes to its search algorithms to help users find the websites they’re actually looking for.

The same goes for its PPC service Google Ads. Google makes constant changes to it to help its advertisers. You need to make sure you’re aware of all these innovations so that you can find it much easier to advertise and promote your business online.

Here are the changes that you need to know about:

The New Mobile Landing Page Speed Score

As you probably know by now, mobile Internet has become so popular that more than half of all Internet searches today are done through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The users of these devices tend to go for fast-loading webpages, and they’re very quick to quit on websites that take their time to appear on their smaller screens.

So if you have a website, you need to design in such a way that it loads very quickly on mobile devices. Enter Google and its new Mobile Landing Page Speed Score. This is the brand new measurement tool that lets you know about the loading speed of your website. Now you can measure your current loading sped and find ways to make it faster.

In addition, Google even provides the accompanying Impact Calculator tool that can determine the potential revenues that can come from boosting your website mobile loading speed. This gives you an actual ROI amount so you know how much you’re getting for all your efforts.

About Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads

These enable Google to draw from a set of premade ad copy so that it can mix and match the copy to create more effective ads for your company. When your business uses these responsive search ads, you can then test at least 15 ad headlines and 4 ad descriptions. The 3 best-performing headlines and the 2 top descriptions can then be matched to create the best ad for your website.

Smart Small Business Campaigns

This is another innovative Google tool that enables small businesses to automate their advertising campaigns. The traditional Google Ads tool gets a more user-friendly interface.

This means that if you’re running your first paid advertising for your small business, you can start right away with the Smart Small Business Campaigns. It doesn’t require as much effort as before to get you started.

Goal-Optimized Shopping

This is a special advertising tool from Google that uses a new way to deliver ads to customers. It uses machine learning to send the ads to the specific customers using a set of goal-oriented conditions.

So if you’re selling hundreds of different wristwatches, you won’t have to run paid ads for all of them. Instead, you can automate your ads so that you can have them delivered to the right people using clearly defined goals.

About Google Ads Automated Bidding

Automated Bidding

This is a paid advertising tool from Google, and again it uses machine learning. It enhances how your ad campaigns are constructed, so that you can maximize the ROI of your digital marketing investment.

Let’s say a potential prospect for your interior design and furniture business uses Google to search for a living room couch. The next day, perhaps they’re looking for a nice coffee table. After that, they may be looking for a comfy chair. All these searches identify this person as a potential customer for your business.

Google can use the customer’s search history to give you suggestions on keywords to bid on so you can really target these customers. This makes your keyword research a lot more thorough.

Dynamic Search Ads

These are the paid ads that will first consider the user’s keywords so that they can then direct the user to the right page on your website. This means that if you’re selling home furniture and the user enters keywords such as “comfortable living room chairs”, your ad can then lead them to your section featuring super-comfortable reclining chairs.

This makes a sale much more likely, because you save the user the effort of having to first enter your home page and then finding the appropriate section on your site. They may not bother or fail to find the right section, which can cost you a potential sale.

Make sure you check to see if these new Google tools and ads can help—when it comes to business—you need all the help you can get!

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