The Future Of Voice Search & Voice Tech

The Future Of Voice Search & Voice Tech

If there’s one thing that really makes us feel like we’re living in the future, it would be the fact that we can now literally command our devices to do things for us.

According to a survey, about 1 in 6 adults in the US owns a voice-activated device. Aside from mobile screens, voice-activated speakers are also getting a lot of attention as of late. Studies even show that its sales are outpacing other mobile devices, proving that voice technology is definitely spreading worldwide.

It could be attributed to the great convenience that voice technology offers. It allows you to multitask without using your hands, offering you to do more at any given time. This, of course, is a great ability to have during the fast-paced modern times.

Voice Technology is the Future

Now that more and more people are using voice technology to make their lives easier, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that experts see this form of technology as the future. Granted, self-driving cars and AI robots are very promising, too, but voice technology can easily blow them away.

There’s just so much that this tech can offer that it can certainly be one of the biggest breakthroughs of our time. Some experts believe that the use of voice technology will significantly increase up to 30% by the end of 2018 and the current numbers may be able to back this up.

But aside from personal and home use, businesses are also proving to be the most ideal users of this tech. How? Here are two major ways entrepreneurs are taking advantage of voice search and voice technology:

1. For Boosting Productivity.

As mentioned above, voice tech makes a lot of things more convenient. It automates a lot of tasks including basic communication, information search, and setting reminders and appointments, among other things. While all of these tasks are important, they can also be quite time consuming and menial. Automating them can really make things easier for an employee as it will free them to focus on more important tasks.

With voice tech, employees can easily multitask and do more with their time. This, of course, can result in higher productivity which is exactly what workplaces need.

2. For Increasing Workplace Efficiency.

As voice tech also offers easy automation, it can also prove to be a handy tool in the workplace. Some of the tasks that it can help with can include:

  • Equipment control in workrooms
  • Meeting and appointment arrangements
  • Automatic sending of reports to concerned departments
  • Automated meeting documentation

The Future Of Voice Technology

While voice search and voice technology are very exciting and promising, there’s no denying that they still need to be improved. With language being as complex as it is, most voice assistants today still need keywords to work flawlessly. This explains why there are limitations to the things they can do.

But with the biggest tech giants recognizing the potential in this technology, there’s also so much that we can expect from its development. And at the rate that they’re going, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find yourself throwing more sophisticated commands and even conversations with your favorite voice-assisted device in the near future.

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