The Future Of Digital Marketing 2019

The Future Of Digital Marketing 2019

Do you want to get a glimpse of the digital marketing trends in 2019? Check this out:

More Money on Online Ads

In terms of time spent online or watching TV, the online experience is growing faster. In fact, it’s expected that in 2019 the average person will watch 2 hours and 36 minutes of TV, but spend an average of 2 hours 42 minutes online. The average person will also spend 45 minutes a day watching video in a mobile device.

This development will get more companies marketing online and not on TV. Marketers simply go where the potential customers are.

More Ads for Smart Speakers

You know the devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod? They’re the voice assistants that you talk to answer your questions and get things done online and with your other smart devices.

They’re so popular, now more than ever. In fact, they may become as ubiquitous as smartphones, which began as luxury accessories and became everyday items for everyone.

So obviously, the more people use these, the more marketers will try to publish audio content for these platforms. It’s expected in the industry that even now, Apple, Google, and Amazon are trying to build their own advertising platforms for their products.

More Live Video

The number of live video services in Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram increased in 2016. The same thing happened in 2017 and 2018. So everyone expects that even more people again will want live streaming for 2019.

Live streaming has become more popular due to the popularity and relative affordability of home and mobile Internet speeds. So if you can produce live video and add marketing stuff with it, that’s great.

But there are surprising advantages too. Almost half of live audiences will pay for the live online stream, if they get to see their favorite performer, sports team, or athlete. A live stream of a concert also works to motivate music fans to buy concert tickets. They can see the quality of the show, and part of them wishes: I wish I was there!

Traditional Video Keeps on Going

These traditional videos like you see on YouTube will account for 85% of the total Internet traffic in 2019. So you must use video for your social media strategy. Maybe you can create your own YouTube channel and have your own set of videos. Perhaps you run video ads on YouTube and Instagram. Or maybe you can partner with a popular YouTube influencer to help get your brand wider exposure.

More Chatbots

If you’re chatting on a commercial site about products and services, chances are that you’re not actually chatting with another person. You’re interacting with a chatbot, which is an AI program expressly design for this purpose. The best ones are so good you’d think they were really human.

If they’re easy to use, chatbots can be used to help people book a hotel room, order a fast-food burger, or rent a car. More companies will develop chatbots for quick sales and without labor expense.

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