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Video Production Services
Video Production Services For Online Marketing

Videos For Your Business

These days, to capture people’s attention is no easy task when competing against a countless amount of content out there and the shortened attention span that technology has influenced. On average, a viewer of a webpage will determine if they will stay or leave within a minute. So, the window of time to hold their attention is very slim.

One of the most powerful ways to grab a visitor’s attention is with video. And when you need professional marketing videos for your business, Sunex Business Solutions is the team to serve you. From simple social media videos, slideshows, whiteboard explainer videos, interviews, to full cinematic productions, we can do them all. Our inclusive marketing packages include the option to create engaging videos for your website, funnels, social media assets, advertisements, and beyond.

Why Utilize Videos For Digital Marketing?

With YouTube being the second most used search engine (Google being number one), it’s obvious that a good amount of people prefer watching videos. In fact, here are some stats:

  • Over 90% of consumers are more influenced to become a customer when a company has organic videos.
  • Over 45% of viewers engage with a company after watching a video.

Having organic videos of your company also helps you stand out from your competition.

With these statistics, the proof is in the numbers showing video being an effective marketing tool. Although, we have to add “organic videos” not just stock videos. Organic videos are videos made especially for your company. We, at Sunex Business Solutions, have everything you need to create your unique and engaging videos with our professional video production team. And we’ll market them online properly to maximize viewership and ultimately turn those viewers into customers.

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