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Over 1 billion people use Google regularly when searching for a service. In this day and age, online searches umbrellas any other “outbound” advertising campaigns as far as ROI. It’s because per-per-click campaigns are “inbound” advertising and its potential customers are considered as “hot leads.” and are ready to do business.

Search Engine Marketing allows you to capitalize on getting in front of those hot leads and being the first point of contact for service before they reach your competitors. On top of that pay-per-click campaigns allows for specific customer targeting which enables you to control what type of customers you want to attract. That type of control and flexibility can further optimize your return on investment and lower customer acquisition costs.

With your professional services partnered with our team, the possibilities to exponentially grow your business is vast.

How Does Search Engine Marketing Work?

We hone in on your ideal customers that you’re targeting and create pay-per-click campaigns to hone in on them advertising your services. When we implement the campaigns, it usually brings in immediate results.

SEM campaigns are partially about the copy to describe what your company does and an advantageous mechanism to attract them to click on your ad rather than your competitor’s. The other part is the funnel. That’s where your website’s design plays a huge role in turning visitors into a lead and ultimately a paying and loyal customer.

Pay Per Click advertising, on an average, is 50 times more effective than “outbound” advertising like television commercials, newspaper ads, radio, billboard, etc. It’s because with pay per click advertising (SEM) you’re getting your business in front of people who are already looking for your services. That means your using your budget wisely.

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