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Call Center & Reception Services

Customer Call Professionals

Free up your time, reduce employee costs, increase customer conversion rates, and turn up the profit with Sunex Business Solution’s call center and reception services.

Whoever takes your calls, responds to emails, or text message inquiries are on the first lines between your customers and your business. The call or response could be the deciding factor whether or not your potential customer will do business with you. That’s why you should consider hiring us, the real professionals of customer service.

Our services are so practical; you would think that they’re operating in the office right next to you!

We’ll take your business calls, collect customer inquiries, make follow up calls, reply to email inquiries, text messages, sales calls, schedule services, and more, for a fraction of the costs you would pay and manage an employee. Our team is flexible and can work with your system and processes for your business.

Why Hire Us To Take Your Calls?

With our many call center solutions, here are some of the benefits our services can benefit you and your business:

Reduce Employee Costs – Outsource your incoming calls, customer email service inquiries, text message inquiries, and customer support to us and save money in the process.

Increase Your Profits & ROI – For a fixed, monthly fee, you reap all the benefits from money saved and increased profits from our professional team of call agents.

Better Call Management – Keep your company’s brand and reputation consistent and positive when you choose our professional call agents.

Flexible Services – We’ll mold to your needs, learn your systems, and processes to make your business more efficient. Do you need our agents to schedule your customers, make sales calls, up-sell, down-sell, etc.? Look no further, we can do that for you!

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our call agents and receptionists are always polite, charismatic, helpful, and solution-oriented so that your customers have no reproach.

Call Center Services