Great Ways To Make Your Online Videos More Effective For Business

Great Ways To Make Your Online Videos More Effective For Business

It’s undeniable that videos make for a very compelling marketing and advertising tool. Tens of millions of people go on YouTube daily and the majority of Google searches involve video results. Experts predict that 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021.

So it makes sense to try to use videos to help boost your business. But how exactly do you use these videos to maximize their benefits? Here are some tips that can help:

Go With Professional Video Production

Making videos are now a lot easier than ever before. In fact, you don’t even have to buy special equipment. Even smartphones these days can be used to make videos. Just activate that function and film away, and you’d have video content!

Well, this isn’t exactly the optimal way to go about it. Videos are like websites—people who encounter them prefer them to be professionally made. Just as people don’t like and trust amateurish websites, they also aren’t impressed by shaky videos with poor production values. They will sneer at your dark lighting and complain about the unintelligible sound.

Basically, they will equate the professionalism of your videos with the professionalism of your services and the quality of your products. So to make sure that people think well of your brand, you better see to it that your videos look professional and not something that just anyone can record off the cuff.

Deliver Your Message Succinctly & Clearly

You may have heard about how people easily quite a website if it doesn’t load quickly enough. This same attitude applies to online videos. People want to watch something that’s immediately interesting, because they don’t want to waste their time.

So the core of your message must be evident right away. It ought to be in the first 30 seconds, or else the viewers won’t get to see it. The beginning of your video must convince the viewers that what they’re about to see is worth their time.

Whatever the topic of your videos may be, they have to be interesting. They should be interesting enough to watch, and if possible they should be so interesting that people would want to share them with others. This is why some videos go viral. They’re basically the most interesting videos online so people watch them and discuss them.

Place A Video In Your Landing Pages

By definition, your site’s landing page is the page where people land on when they click a link from another website to your own site. This landing page is crucial, as it will decide whether the visitor will continue on with your site or just leave and bounce and try another site instead.

Because you want to immediately capture your visitor’s interest, you should put a video right here on this landing page. Videos are inherently interesting, and that’s especially true when you take enough are to produce professional videos about interesting topics. With such a video, your visitor is less likely to leave right away. You boost your chances of getting them to visit the rest of your site, while the video also makes your brand more memorable.

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