Best Tips To Advertise Your Family Law Firm On Facebook

Best Tips To Advertise Your Family Law Firm On Facebook

Marketing your law firm on Facebook makes a lot of sense. Facebook has, as of the 2nd quarter of 2019, over 2.2 billion active users per month. People spend more time here than on YouTube or Amazon. It’s simply the most popular of all the social media and networking platforms. You can increase knowledge and trust for your law firm, and your followers can then contact you or recommend your firm to those in their own networks when they need legal services.

So the question isn’t whether you should advertise on Facebook. The real question is how you should do this to maximize your benefits. Here are some tips to help you out:

Post Regularly

Some companies make the mistake of putting a whole truckload of posts on Facebook all at once, and then not doing anything else for an extended period of time afterwards. But posting on Facebook effectively isn’t like filling up your car’s gas tank.

The problem with this start and stop approach to Facebook posts is that it produces visibility gaps on Facebook. It makes your efforts seem inconsistent and it feels like you’re not really on Facebook to engage with others.

So instead of dumping a bunch of posts at one go, set up a social media calendar to parcel them out at regular intervals.

Offer Informative and Education Posts

When you’re on Facebook, it’s not really a good idea to be blatantly advertising your services. Instead, you want to appear helpful. So you can offer news regarding the legal industry that may be of interest to your potential clientele, such as the news regarding Supreme Court nominees and changing laws regarding marijuana. You can also provide posts such as videos and articles that clarify various issues regarding the law.

In the middle of these posts, you can perhaps feature news regarding your awards and your successful cases. This advertises your company, but they’re also informative and educational.

Don’t Use Jargon

There’s always the temptation to be overly technical when you offer your posts. Lawyers generally like to be clear saying what they mean, and legal terms are clear—but only for other lawyers.

So use language that you would use for regular folks who don’t know much about the law. The point of Facebook is to engage, and it’s difficult to interact successfully if you’re virtually using a language that people don’t understand.

Engage with Comments and Questions

Your Facebook posts aren’t TV or newspaper ads. The platform allows for easy communications, so your audience can then react with questions and comments. When you get these reactions, you should respond. The questions you answer establish your authority, and your reactions to comments help to humanize your law firm. It shows that you care, especially when your responses come in daily.

Run Ads

While your posts don’t look like ads, you can still advertise on Facebook. It’s a good move because you can then push your message to a wider audience. This will help attract interest from more people who may need your legal services. More people may also remember your brand, so they can recommend or mention your law firm to their friends who need legal services.

Ads also allow you to target precise demographics. Thus, you can specify the targets of your ads as the residents of a certain section of your city, with an age bracket that’s appropriate to your practice.

Don’t Forget Video

While text and images can also be very useful, don’t forget video. There’s a reason why YouTube is so popular, and Facebook users themselves as a group watch 100 million hours of video each day. Videos capture attention, and that’s actually the point of Facebook marketing.

These videos don’t have to be all that expensive. Some videos are easy to make with texts and preset images. You can also get video testimonials from former clients while you can also present a short lecture on a hot legal topic.

Monitor the Metrics

How do you know your Facebook marketing efforts are working? How can you confirm that you’re getting a proper ROI from all your time and effort?

To know all these, you need to check your metrics. So this means you should track the number of clicks, calls, and form fills resulting from your advertising campaigns. You should also keep track of the shares and comments your Facebook posts generate.

With metrics, you can then focus on achieving realistic marketing goals so that you can make your law firm more known, trusted, and popular.

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