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Welcome! Professionals, Creators, Business Owners, & Residents who are just curious…


You Found A Secret Portal...

Just kidding! 

Evidently, you found the book, $100 Million Dollar Leads here and decided to scan the QR code. Welcome! I had an extra copy of this book and I seen the books here in the lounge, so I just thought to share it with you and the community. 

You probably picked up this book for a reason. If you have a business card, feel free to leave it in the book. We can use it as a way to network and share what we do.

My name is Michael Castelo. You can learn more about what I do through this website, if you want. I also have a carpet cleaning company here in WA.

I look forward to connecting with you and seeing your card in the book. This is a great apartment complex with awesome amenities, like this lounge. Perhaps we should start a monthly networking day here for professionals, business owners, creators, and residents who are just curious and want to connect?

If that interests you, we can ask our awesome management if we can make it happen on an official level. Or, we can just arrange it ourselves. If not, that’s okay too – just leave the book here to share and refer back to (it’s a great book!).

Anyway, take care and I’ll see you around!


Michael Castelo

P.S. – Check back here from time to time as I may update some things in regards to this “portal”.

...Portal closing in 5...4...3...2...

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